Survey Says: Work from Home for the Win!

Wrike, a social project management platform provider, conducted an on-line survey; the respondents represented organizations of all sizes.  The goal was to gather information about the respondent’s current and expected future work practices and the role virtual collaboration plays in the work habits of remote teams.

There is no disputing the mobility of today’s workforce.  Helping business maintain the highest level of productivity while working remotely is a big part of what we do; it’s very prevalent in our day-to-day business lives.  What about your industry?


What are your work habits?  Do you work from home?  If not, do you wish you could – and what would you be willing to trade for that flexibility?


A special thanks to Mashable for putting together the infographic.


Working 9 to 5 (or 6 or 7…)

You may remember this blog post, where we discussed how the majority of US working adults answer work calls and emails, both before going into the office in the morning and when they are home from work in the evening.  It is estimated that you and your employees are putting in an average of 7 additional hours/week working from home.

Do you check your email first thing in the morning?  Do you take calls and check emails during your lunch break?  Have you ever counted how many times you log-in to your work email from home in the evening?

Have you ever heard someone conducting business while walking down the street?  Maybe you are even guilty of this yourself.

I know I am.

[x]cube labs compiled the findings of various research reports and put them together in a comprehensive infographic.  It not only provides a picture of what the mobile employee looks like today – it also shows the direction the mobile workforce is headed.

The line between home life and work life has been blurred.  The addition of mobile devices into our lives keeps us connected, and available, even when we step away from our desks.  Your customers know that, and want instant gratification – they don’t want to wait until you get back in the office to return their call.  Mobility solutions are easy to integrate into your business, and as a bonus, your employees will appreciate having more flexibility.  Click here to learn about Telovation’s Mobility Solutions.