Survey Says: Work from Home for the Win!

Wrike, a social project management platform provider, conducted an on-line survey; the respondents represented organizations of all sizes.  The goal was to gather information about the respondent’s current and expected future work practices and the role virtual collaboration plays in the work habits of remote teams.

There is no disputing the mobility of today’s workforce.  Helping business maintain the highest level of productivity while working remotely is a big part of what we do; it’s very prevalent in our day-to-day business lives.  What about your industry?


What are your work habits?  Do you work from home?  If not, do you wish you could – and what would you be willing to trade for that flexibility?


A special thanks to Mashable for putting together the infographic.


Do you have a Disaster Plan in place for your phone system?

With hurricane season in full swing and Hurricane Isacc approaching, we wanted to provide you with a few suggestions for protecting your business communications.

One of the many benefits of your hosted communications service from Telovations is the ability to receive calls, even if your primary business location is unavailable or employees have to work from home.  Telovations’ geographically diverse, synchronous platforms ensure that callers will continue to reach your business.

Below are a few key features which you may find helpful in these circumstances. Now is a good time to become reacquainted with these features, spend a few minutes setting up your Disaster Redirect numbers and remind your employees how to use Remote Office, Simultaneous Ring, Sequential Ring or Telovations Anywhere.

  • Disaster Redirect – Stay accessible to customers, even if your offices are closed due to a natural disaster or other unforeseen circumstance.
  • Remote Office – Work wherever you like! Receive and place calls as if you are in the office.
  • Hosted Voice Messaging – Always have your voice mail available and accessible from anywhere.
  • Telovations Anywhere – Use any device (home phone, cell phone, etc.) as your work phone with all of your hosted phone features.

Depending on your service plan, these features can be configured from our online portal. The portal can be accessed by clicking here.

You can contact our customer care team to answer any question you might have by dialing 611 from your Telovations’ phone, calling 877-934-6668 or sending an e-mail to:

If your business loses power or connectivity your telephone equipment may not operate. However, if you utilize Telovations equipment as part of your service plan, your auto attendant and voice mail will continue operating if your business loses power. Even if you utilize your own equipment with the Telovations’ solution, you can temporarily setup an emergency message utilizing Disaster Redirect. If you have an analog fax line, you may remove the fax machine connection and plug in an analog phone (such as an inexpensive one you can purchase and that does not require a power outlet) to the wall connection.  This line can be used for outgoing and incoming calls, even during the loss of power. You can then use phone as an Anywhere device.

If your business requires a more robust Disaster Recovery plan, our staff of consultants is available to work with you to design and build a solution to meet your needs.

Below are a few links to additional hurricane preparation information you may find useful:

Above all, remain safe and be assured that Telovations will be available to assist you.

Weekly Blog Series: Mobility Solutions

As we switch our focus from Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity to Mobility Solutions, it’s hard not to reflect on the impact of Tropical Storm Debby on bay area businesses.

Area bridges were closed due to high winds, which made commuting difficult, if not dangerous.   Street flooding caused the closure of many office buildings – ours included.  These factors caused many businesses to decide to shut down operations for at least a day, in some cases for 2 or 3 days.

And meanwhile, the sharks were circling nearby……the type of sharks that have been waiting for the opportunity to steal your business.

In terms of storms, Debby ranks as an inconvenience more than anything else.  After a few days, the bay area was back to normal.  The waters had receded, bridges were reopened and save for wind-damaged trees and pool enclosures, it was back to business as usual.  The talk around town less “time to rebuild” and more “time to play catch up” or “I’m so behind.  Thanks Debby!”

When your business has a continuity plan in place, especially one that includes mobility solutions, you don’t have to worry about having to play that catch up game.  You can send one company-wide email alerting your employees to work remotely.  With one click of the mouse, your employees’ business phones will be routed to the phone of their choosing – mobile or landline.  That means your customers will continue to receive service, and deals will continue to be made.

Over the next few weeks, we will be showcasing our different mobility solutions that can be tailored to fit the needs of your organization.  Whether you are looking to set up a remote facility quickly, or allow your employees to work remotely in case of emergency, our solutions will ensure that the sharks will not capture your business because you are unreachable.  Click here to learn more.

There’s an App for That (Part 3) – Remote Office

Product Spotlight:  Remote Office:  iPhone/Deskphone and Android/Deskphone

I recently ran into an old colleague who shared with me the following story:

She had taken a week off of work to attend her sister’s wedding.  She works in sales, and she had some big deals in her pipeline.  She went on vacation planning on doing a little work while she was at her parent’s home.  On Monday morning, when she checked her work voice mail, she had three new messages.  She returned the calls using her cell phone:  two calls to prospects and one call to a current client that was having problems and was very unhappy.

Welcome to your working vacation my friend:

Calling clients or prospects from your cell phone, when you are on vacation, sends the message that you are reachable and available.  In my friend’s case, her client had her number and they weren’t afraid to use it.

She went on to say how she had to walk out on brunch with her mom and her sister because the unhappy client called 3 times in just over a half hour.  “It was so distracting,” she explained.  “Each time my phone rang, I knew it was my client and each time I let it go to voice mail, I knew he was growing more frustrated.   I really regretted calling him with my cell phone.  In addition, I spent several days going back and forth with my two prospects.   I really wanted to keep my focus on my sister, but my cell was ringing off the hook.  I don’t mind doing business on vacation, but I wish there could have been a buffer between us.”

What if you could maintain your one number identity even when working remotely?

There’s an App for that.

Remote Office for Android or iPhone is a native Android/iPhone application that allows you to originate calls from your smart phone through your Telovations-powered desk phone.  It enables easy control of Remote Office, Do Not Disturb and Call Forwarding settings while on the move.

Remote Office comes with an intuitive look and feel. It offers convenient “click-to-dial” options from a keypad, from your deskphone’s Call History or from your Android or iPhone contact list.

Click here to learn more about the iPhone/Deskphone or click here to learn more about Android/Deskphone.