Our Favorite Google Apps Add-ons for Your Business

We are getting back to our review of our favorite Google Apps add-ons.  Last week, we were a little distracted, by the role big data and data mining played the election.  A couple posts back we discussed our favorite add-ons for Google Mail – this week our focus is on the business apps found in Google Marketplace.


This app is great for anyone that sets up regularly scheduled appointments, such as accountants, hair stylists, professors or therapists.  It provides you with a dedicated web page that allows your clients, students or colleagues to book appointments directly to your google calendar.  They will be able to view which time slots are available and with a click of the mouse and a few short questions later – their appointment is booked.  The event will appear in your calendar and you will also receive an email alert.

You control the aspects of your bookings:  the start/end of your workday and the appointment length.  You will be given the option of adding a logo to the top of your schedule as well as instructions.  YouCanBook.me can also be embedded in your blog or on your website.

Click here to learn more about YouCanBook.me


RapidTASK is a powerful tool that makes it easy to collaborate with, and delegates tasks to, your employees and your peers.

Features include the ability to:

  • create unlimited to-do lists for yourself;
  • share lists to let anyone collaborate on a project;
  • delegate tasks to anyone’s email address;
  • track progress with email alerts; and,
  • sync with Google Calendar, Contacts, and Documents.

Click here to learn more about RapidTASK.


Have you ever returned from a business trip only to discover that you and a colleague, that works out of a satellite office, were just in the same city, at the same time?  With TripIt groups, your business will allow your employees to see where and when their coworkers are traveling.  It makes it easy to coordinate travel plans, schedule meetings and events, and share rides to and from the airport.

It allows users to collaborate on shared itineraries.  It is also integrated with LinkedIn and Facebook so you can see how your travel plans overlap with the folks in your social networks.

Click here to learn more about TripIt.

What Google Apps add-ons do you think benefit your business the most?  Please share!

To explore all that Google Marketplace has to offer, click here.


Product Spotlight: Find Me/Follow Me

Blog Series:  Mobility

Product Spotlight:  Find Me/Follow Me

Remember when a 5 pm quitting time meant you were done working for the day?  If a client called in with an issue after hours and you had already gone home, you wouldn’t be expected to address that issue until 9 am the next morning?

Me neither.

But that was what business was like for my father back in the 1950s.  He sat at his desk, he did his job, and when he was done for the day…he went home.  I never once saw my father take a business call outside of his office.

This is not our reality.  A recent Good Technology Survey found that more than 80% of US working adults continue to answer calls and emails after they have left the office – for an average of 7 extra work hours per week!  Almost half of those surveyed felt it was necessary because their customers demand quick replies.

Business mobility is no longer just a valuable business tool; it’s a way of life.

So much so that according to the Accenture 2012 CIO Mobility Study, 78% of CIOs placed mobility as a top priority – 38% placing it in their top 1 or 2 spot.

How much time do you spend checking your work voice mail?

If you are out of the office and have a big deal in the works do you check your voice mail obsessively – until you start to feel like you are stalking yourself?   It’s hard not to worry that a missed call can translate into a missed opportunity and lost business.

Using a mobility solution that allows you to work more efficiently and that helps your clients and prospects find you more quickly can alleviate a lot of worry.

Find Me/Follow Me

Find me/Follow me allows you to set up your mobile, home office or any other phone to ring either sequentially from, or simultaneously to, your office phone.  If you don’t answer your office phone, the call can be routed to your cell.  If you don’t answer there, it can be routed to a home office and then finally to your assistant or your partner before going to voice mail.  Best of all, the link is invisible so your personal and mobile numbers remain confidential.

You can easily make changes through the TeloPortal:

Mobility has blurred the line between work life and home life.  Unavailability can mean lost opportunity and lost business.  How do you want to spend your time?  By using your mobility to try and keep up with your business, or by living your life and letting your mobility keep your business up with you?

Click here to learn more about Find Me/Follow Me.

Just for fun, I am going to leave you with a video clip of a song that pops into my head every time I think of Find Me/Follow Me:  U2’s I Will Follow (1980).

There’s an App for That (Part 3) – Remote Office

Product Spotlight:  Remote Office:  iPhone/Deskphone and Android/Deskphone

I recently ran into an old colleague who shared with me the following story:

She had taken a week off of work to attend her sister’s wedding.  She works in sales, and she had some big deals in her pipeline.  She went on vacation planning on doing a little work while she was at her parent’s home.  On Monday morning, when she checked her work voice mail, she had three new messages.  She returned the calls using her cell phone:  two calls to prospects and one call to a current client that was having problems and was very unhappy.

Welcome to your working vacation my friend:

Calling clients or prospects from your cell phone, when you are on vacation, sends the message that you are reachable and available.  In my friend’s case, her client had her number and they weren’t afraid to use it.

She went on to say how she had to walk out on brunch with her mom and her sister because the unhappy client called 3 times in just over a half hour.  “It was so distracting,” she explained.  “Each time my phone rang, I knew it was my client and each time I let it go to voice mail, I knew he was growing more frustrated.   I really regretted calling him with my cell phone.  In addition, I spent several days going back and forth with my two prospects.   I really wanted to keep my focus on my sister, but my cell was ringing off the hook.  I don’t mind doing business on vacation, but I wish there could have been a buffer between us.”

What if you could maintain your one number identity even when working remotely?

There’s an App for that.

Remote Office for Android or iPhone is a native Android/iPhone application that allows you to originate calls from your smart phone through your Telovations-powered desk phone.  It enables easy control of Remote Office, Do Not Disturb and Call Forwarding settings while on the move.

Remote Office comes with an intuitive look and feel. It offers convenient “click-to-dial” options from a keypad, from your deskphone’s Call History or from your Android or iPhone contact list.

Click here to learn more about the iPhone/Deskphone or click here to learn more about Android/Deskphone.

Weekly Blog Series: There’s an App for that (part 1)

It’s hard for me to imagine how I got by before my smart phone came into my life.  It gives me directions when I’m lost, it keeps my day on track by reminding where I need to be and what I need it be doing.  It even (and probably most importantly) can find me the nearest Starbucks when I need a skinny caramel macchiato fix.  Who could forget this Apple ad campaign?  “What’s great about the iPhone, is that if you want to check snow conditions on the mountain….there’s an app for that.”

But, what I love best about my smart phone is that I’m never out of reach…from my family….from my business.  I never miss an important event or business opportunity, because I am always connected.

My smart phone made me look at my business phone on my desk and think “what have YOU done for me lately?  You are big and bulky.  You know I like to organize things in piles and you are taking up a big chunk of real estate on the corner of my desk.  If I’m going to be completely honest, the only thing you make me feel connected to IS my desk.”

The only thing my desk phone can handle is making outbound, and accepting inbound calls, right.  Or is it?

What if your phone system could recognize who was calling and instantly displayed caller details and account information found in your CRM of choice?

Imagine your child is sick, you need to work from home and you don’t want your clients to have your personal phone number?  What if you could make calls from your android or iPhone using your work number?

What if your phone could analyze your client’s purchase history to help you up-sell the right products and services whenever a client calls you to place an order?

If you are working with a Telovations powered desk phone, there are apps for all that.

Please join us over the next few weeks as we showcase each product and provide real world scenarios and applications.