Big Data, the Election and Your Business

We talk a lot about the importance of discovering the truth within your business communications.  You may remember this blog post, where we compared data mining to the movie the Matrix.  That the usage of data mining was comparable to swallowing the red pill offered by Morpheous; being fully informed as to what is really going on in your business.

Big Data and Data mining are not new to political elections, but this was the first time it played a pivotal role on the national stage, thanks to Nate Silver.  His statistical analysis and predictions of the presidential election were completely contrary to the pundits’ predictions.  They mocked him, they discredited him, they rolled their eyes at him.  It was fascinating watching that evening unfold.  The pundits sat there dumbfounded, as state after state was called, and they realized; he was right.

It was like watching a changing of the guard.  Political pundits prophesizing based on gut feelings and experience to the unbiased analysis of data.

You could almost hear taps being played.

We love big data.  Data Mining and Analysis is a big part of what we do.  The day after the election, we couldn’t wait to hear how this was going to play out, to read what was being said.  CNET, in this article, declared the two biggest winners of the night, Nate Silver and Big Data.  The pundits were among the biggest losers.

Wired Magazine gave us the best headline of all:

Wrath of the Math:  Obama wins Nerdiest Election Ever.

How did Obama squeak out a win, when most experts were certain it couldn’t be done?

With Data Mining and Analysis.

Data Mining and Analysis drove the results in this campaign.  Jascha Franklin-Hodge of BlueStateDigital, stated that data mining allows “campaigns to be more effective in their messaging. More effective in finding the right people to engage in the right ways, at the right time of day, through the right platforms, to give people experiences that are more tailored to them, and more compelling for them.”

Doesn’t that sound like the kind of results you want in your business?

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