StartUp Camp – Austin

We got out of the office a bit last week to attend the IT Expo in Austin, TX.  One of my favorite things about the IT Expo is StartUp Camp.  StartUp camp selects 4 early-stage companies to pitch their innovations to judges and an audience filled with industry leaders, media and investors.

It is often said that the journey of an entrepreneur can be lonely.

That may be true at times.

But that moment, when someone realizes that your dream fulfills their needs…

The following companies were the finalists at the Austin session of StartUp Camp.  Show them a little love and check them out:

VSnap – Have you ever sent an email to a prospect and when you received their response you realized “Wow.  I was completely misunderstood”?  You struggle to regain ground, but you feel the sale slipping away.  VSnap helps you avoid miscommunications by allowing you to send a short video message in which you can clearly capture your tone, emotion, enthusiasm and authenticity.  You can send VSnaps to individual email addresses, email groups or through your twitter feed.

Click here to see an example of a video message sent using VSnap.

For more on VSnap – click here

Phonism – As VoIP admins, the founders of Phonism wished there was a better way to provision and manage IP phones.  They decided to take matters into their own hands and created a carrier grade Phone Management System that took the complexity out of provisioning.  In addition to handling all your provisioning tasks with ease, they also give users the ability to customize their desk phones with backgrounds, ringtones, contacts and more.

Click here to learn more about Phonism.

RingDNA – RingDNA is a voice communications company that wants to help your organization improve its sales, marketing and support performance.  It allows you to use your iPad as a call center integrated with CRM, call-tracking and marketing analytics.  It delivers real-time data, social media streams and behavior marketing insights when you need it most – while you are speaking with a potential customer trying to close the deal.

Click here to learn more about RingDNA.

Zello – works on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows devices to turn your phone into a Walkie Talkie.  It is a social radio, much like voice twitter.  It can be used to participate or listen in on public conversations, or stay connected with a group of friends.  Businesses use Zello to replace 2-way radio or push-to-talk.  You can also create a Zello “room” for your company’s customers to visit whenever they have questions.

For more on Zello – click here

Product Spotlight: VocalQ

Product Spotlight:  VocalQ

How many times has a customer service experience left you feeling like this:

Maybe your experience was so poor, you decided to take your business elsewhere.

Now imagine you are the business owner.

Customers are leaving and their chief complaint is customer service.  Right now your business measures quantitative call data:  how many calls are received, how many are abandoned, how many rings before a call is answered, length of call, etc.

You review that data and it doesn’t tell you much.  You can tell if customer calls are being answered right away, or if customers are hanging up before they get through to a live body.  It also tells you if you customer service reps are spending enough time on the call to reasonably answer questions and provide support.

What you can’t tell from that data is the quality of the conversation.  Are your reps rude to your customers?  Are they able to answer the caller’s question, or is more training needed?  Is it all your reps, or just one?

Enter VocalQ.

You are familiar with the measure of your IQ or your EQ (emotional quotient); VocalQ (VQ) is your vocal quotient.  It is the measure of your communications intelligence within your business.

VocalQ, tracks your quantitative and descriptive data, but it provides a deeper analysis of calls made to your business.  It records conversations and will alert you on the quality of the interactions between your employees and your customers.

Calls are sampled and benchmarked.  Things like the customer having to repeat themselves or reps providing the correct answer to questions can be measured.  You can also identify words or phrases that will trigger a message to you.

If you want to know every time a customer says: “I am not happy” or mentions a competitor, you will be alerted.  When a customer hangs up, unhappy, after a customer support call, you run the risk of losing that customer to a competitor.  You also lose potential customers as well.  An unhappy customer will not recommend your business to family and friends.

So, you’ve been notified that a customer called in and said “I am not happy with my service.”  Now what?

You can be the hero that saves both your days.

You can swoop in and give the customer a call and say: “I understand you called in for support – I just wanted to ensure that your problem was resolved.”  Knowing that it wasn’t, you will be given the opportunity to make it right.  You now have a happy customer.  And a happy customer doesn’t look for other options.

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