Why Your Pipeline is Wrong

As team leader, you rely on your reps to provide you with accurate information about your company’s pipeline.  You use this information to try and create a realistic sales forecast for your organization.  But, do you really know what is in your pipeline?  Is it really filled with opportunity….

…or is it filled with sludge that just slows you down?

Do you know where you stand?  Are you consistently missing your sales numbers?  Is what you are being told by your sales representatives different than what really happens every month?

If you are depending on forecasts from your sales team to project your monthly numbers, it could be all wrong.

In fact, research has found sales forecasts to be less than 75% accurate!

You can increase your accuracy and your sales, just by knowing what your customers are saying.  We can show you how.

Please join our Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing on Thursday, September 13th at 10 am for a fascinating Webinar.  He will discuss how you can know, with confidence, what your clients and prospects are saying, and how this knowledge can be used to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

In this Webinar he will cover:

  • Why it is increasingly difficult to project your sales numbers
  • How to track communications of a mobile sales force
  • How you can gain insight into your sales team’s communications with customers
  • Review of a remarkable new tool that can alert you when key pipeline progress is made – at the time it is made

Click here to register.  Hope to see you there!


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