There’s An App for That (part 5) – Go Integrator

Are you always trying to make sense of notes scratched on scrap paper, that is…if you are lucky enough to find the right sheet?  Are piles of paper taking over your workspace?

We have an app for that!

Go Integrator is a personal productivity tool that interfaces your Telovations business telephone system with the CRM function of your IT infrastructure.  No matter your poison:  Act!, Goldmine, Lotus Note, MS Access, MS Dynamics, NetSuite,  or Sage, Go Integrator will improve your productivity and help you work more efficiently.  Here are a few of the highlights of this application:

1.  You can dial directly from your CRM software, so no more misdialed numbers.

2.  If you are too busy to answer the call or you are on the other line – no problem!  You can easily deflect the call to another extension, without interruption.  Click here to see this feature in action.

3.  Caller ID is great, but Caller ID with enhanced features is better.  As a call is coming in, Go Integrator displays a summary of information about the caller with the option to open the CRM file associated with the caller – all before you’ve taken the call.

4.  (My personal favorite) With your contact’s CRM file already opened, you can take your notes directly into their file.  If a contact record does not exist on the caller, you will be given the option to create a new file.

I used to block off a half hour at the end of every day to update my activity with my clients and prospects in our CRM.  Sometimes I would struggle to read my own handwriting or I couldn’t remember which note belonged with which client.  Now that I am using this tool, I have that time back to work on building my business, not on taking notes about my business.

Are you ready to get out from under all those piles of paper?  Go Integrator works straight “out of the box,” so it’s easy to get started.  Click here to learn more.


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