Disaster Recover – How Will You Weather the Storm?

When I think of Disaster Recovery (DR) I am reminded of that scene from Forrest Gump that occurs on his shrimp boat, the Jenny:  Forrest and Lt. Dan are struggling to catch shrimp, when a hurricane blows in to Bayou La Batre.  Every shrimp boat in the bayou, except for the Jenny, was destroyed.  While the other shrimp boat captains were rebuilding, Forrest and Lt. Dan were working…

And they made a killing.

How would a bad storm affect your business?  Could your sales and customer service teams continue to function – even if they couldn’t make it into the office?  Having a DR plan in place insures that no matter what unforeseen obstacle your business may face, be it natural disaster, a computer failure, or human error…your “boat” will keep running.

The importance of a executing disaster recovery plan has been well documented.  At Telovations, our DR plans are focused on keeping your communications system operational.  Whether your business needs 1 phone or 1,000 phones, we can assure you nothing will stop your clients and prospects from reaching you when disaster strikes.

Read our case study to see a disaster recovery plan in action.

So what are you going to do when disaster looms?  Are you going to sit home and wait to rebuild….or are you going to keep working and make a killing?


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