There’s an App for that (part 4) – Virtual Receptionist/FonGenie

Product Spotlight:  Virtual Receptionist/FonGenie

Do you remember that old television show “I Dream of Jeannie”?

Jeannie would cross her arms, blink her eyes and Presto! anything that Major Nelson needed, or wanted (or, sometimes, things he didn’t even know he needed or wanted), would pop right up.

What if your computer could cross its arms, blink its eyes and Presto! a window would pop up with all the pertinent information on an incoming call – who is calling and why, where they are calling from, and any/all previous purchase history – all before your phone even begins to ring?

There’s an app for that.

Here’s how it works:

Your virtual receptionist automatically greets your callers and provides information about your business hours, address, and daily specials. It can even provide directions to your business location.  You can easily update and customize your greeting and daily specials from your computer, iPhone or iPad.  You don’t need to worry about being in quiet location to make recordings – just type in the script and Virtual Receptionist will do the rest!

Meanwhile….back at your computer…

Virtual Receptionist has provided you with the following pop-up window.  Your phone hasn’t rung, but when it does, you will be prepared.  You will know who is calling and from where.  You will also have invaluable information regarding the nature of the call, and, if a regular customer is calling, you will have their order history immediately available.

Knowing your clients and their preferences is a powerful tool help you connect with them and build lasting relationships.  Imagine, a customer calls in and instead of saying “how can I help you?” you say “Mr. Jones!  How are you?  It’s been about 3 months since we last spoke – you must need an oil change.”  Mr. Jones will hang up and will feel a personal connection with you.  That is key to building a loyal client base.

Having customer’s purchase history readily available also helps you up-sell.  Perhaps you are a spa owner and Mrs. Smith regularly schedules just a mani-pedi, but occasionally treats herself to a massage.  Instead of just booking her appointment as usual, you will know exactly what product to entice her with:  “Mrs. Smith!  I know how much you love a mani-pedi…but, would you like to try our Pamper and Relax package?  It’s a mani-pedi with a 20 minute massage.”  Just that little suggestion could be all you need to get Mrs. Smith to upgrade her usual spa package.

This is just a small sampling of the many ways Virtual Receptionist can help your business.  Additionally, it replaces the telephone company, it has a built-in CRM, and it provides reports and analytics, as well as business intelligence.  It even predicts on which day and during which hours your highest call volume will occur.

Click here to learn more about Virtual Receptionist/FonGenie.


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