There’s an App for that (part 2) – Salesforce Connector

Product Spotlight:  Salesforce Connector

Salesforce Connector puts your desk phone to work by integrating your telephony capabilities with

My life before Salesforce Connector:

I used to work for a company that sold financial software to small- to medium-sized businesses.  We used Salesforce to manage our leads and our prospects, as well as, our communications with our accounts.  One morning, one of my accounts called in with an issue, which was resolved.  As soon as we hung up, I opened Salesforce, searched for her account record and started logging in her call.  I wanted to take note of her issue in order to make a follow up with her in a few days.  That’s when my phone started ringing.  After typing in a few quick notes, I answered my call.

I had every intention of returning to her information record and adding more details on our conversation, but it turned into a hectic day…one thing after the other, and I just didn’t get back to it.  I didn’t think to do it the next day, or over the weekend.  By Monday, I couldn’t remember exactly what her issue had been and I was preparing to make my follow-up call.  I logged into Salesforce hoping to find something of value in my notes.  It was just a series of words and incomplete phrases…

Phoned.  Probs with Softw Transport Step by step Resolved.

Wow.  Not the least bit helpful.  And transport?  What did that mean?  Did I mean to type export?  Was she trying to export to excel?

Luckily for me, this was something minor.  I was still able to make my call, ask a few vague questions, and her answers jogged my memory.  My account appreciated my follow-through and she had no indication I couldn’t remember what the problem was in the first place.

But what if I would have inaccurately notated details of a contract negotiation, or there was something very specific I needed to follow up on?  My goal is not only to bring my clients great products, but to also provide them with superior service and support.  If I had to call her back and ask “I’m really sorry, I got busy the other day…what was I supposed to do for you?”  I’m not doing my job.

My life with Salesforce Connector:

As you know, in the business world, life can be very fast paced.  In this instance, having a few additional seconds could have meant the difference between incomplete notes and an accurate record of an important call.

Salesforce Connector gives me what I need, even before I know I need it.  When an account or contact calls me, Salesforce Connector scans the database and their information record in Salesforce instantly pops up on my computer.  With one click, I answer their call and their call is logged in Salesforce.  With their information right in front of me, I can easily take notes right as the call is occurring.

Other features include click-to-call from the Salesforce interface, new contact notification, and the following call control features:  hold, transfer, conference, cancel and hang-up – all within the interface.

What is even more exciting is a new feature that is coming soon.  Speak to text translations will automatically store a transcript of my conversation in the notes section.  Can you imagine being able to recall, word-for-word, every point made during a contract negotiation?  That is a powerful tool.

Click here to learn more about Salesforce Connector.


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