How the Cloud Increases Productivity

Here’s a simple, yet real-world, example about how doing business in the cloud can increase your productivity:

Recently, we drove down to Miami Beach for the 2012 IT Expo.  I was in charge of booking the hotel rooms for our group.  I had gotten a couple requests from my coworkers…”will you book us a hotel with a decent gym?” “Please make sure we are close to the Convention Center and area attractions.”  I wanted to make sure everyone was happy.  I started my hotel search on-line, through a travel search engine, to compare rates and amenities to narrow down my choice.  I looked at a good 10 places before deciding on one.  I just needed to confirm a couple of things, so I called in to the reservation desk.  While I was on the line, I booked our rooms.  As plans often do, ours changed.  I had to call the reservation desk and extend our room reservations for another night.  I was in middle of making great headway on an important project, and suddenly, I was sidetracked.

I was so focused on my task at hand, I couldn’t remember which hotel I chose.  All I could remember was that it was my last call before lunch on Monday.  I needed to get the room extension done quickly.  I was working on a deadline and didn’t want to waste valuable time searching through my emails for my hotel confirmation to jog my memory.

This is one of the many reasons I love having the cloud enabled for our phone systems.  I just opened my call log in my toolbar, went straight to Monday, right before lunch, and clicked to dial.  My phone automatically started ringing on speakerphone.  This was perfect because I was instantly put on hold and my wait time was “greater than five minutes.”

While I waited, I switched windows and pulled up my email, and found my confirmation number.  With the on-hold musak playing in the background, I switched back to my project and got back to work.  A few minutes later, I finally got through to customer service.  I pulled up my confirmation number and updated our room reservation in a matter of seconds.  After my call was completed, my phone automatically hung up and I continued working on my project, with virtually no interruption – my fingers never even left the keyboard!  All the information I needed was stored in the cloud and instantly accessible in Internet Explorer.  I didn’t have to break my concentration and waste valuable minutes searching for phone and confirmation numbers.

The cloud is a proven tool to help you increase productivity and efficiency in your organization.  How has the cloud improved your business’ productivity?  If you are not utilizing the cloud….what are you waiting for?


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