Think Before You Speak: Even the Wires Have Ears

What is the most common statement of praise you get from your clients?  What is the most common complaint your customers have?

Who do you remember more: the angry customer or the happy customer?  More often than not, we remember the angry customer because there is more of a story to tell and usually an immediate call-to-action.  Your CEO probably hears stories of irritated, annoyed and frustrated clients regularly, but how many times do they hear about all the great things you’re doing everyday to deliver first-rate customer service?

Isn’t this information important too?

People share negative stories more than positive experiences – especially socially.  It’s rare for someone to be out with a friend and say, “I got this really nice call center agent on the phone today and she was so helpful.”  You’re much more likely to hear someone say, “The customer service rep I got on the phone today was completely clueless.  I’m switching services.  XYZ Company is awful!”

About 13% of dissatisfied customers tell more than 20 people about their experience (White House Office of Consumer Affairs, Washington, DC), and according to Facebook, the average user has 130 friends.  That means that if 130 dissatisfied Facebook users told 20 people each about their experience, 2,600 people now think your company delivers poor customer service.

Do you know what they’re saying about you?

Whether you’re disputing false statements or endorsing true experiences about your company brand or promoting your product to a potential customer, you need firsthand knowledge of past conversations to settle the dust in the air.   Likewise, when reviewing your team’s strengths and weaknesses, you need positive feedback in your reports.  Conversations and disagreements also happen within your company; you want the knowledge to handle disputes fairly.  Great customer service comes from happy employees, and happy employees receive both constructive and positive feedback.  No one wants skewed data.  You should be able to gather statistics on important keywords, save and share useful evaluations, and train employees with real live recorded examples – all on one platform.


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