Business Continuity vs. Disaster Recovery

Do you remember back in 2004 and 2005, how hurricanes Frances, Jeanne and Wilma caused power outages and downed phone lines for days?  No one could receive and make phone calls, retrieve voicemails, access files or databases, check email, log onto the Internet, surf the web…nothing.  All of those things were stored on hard drives, CDs, or DVDs – and in most cases – hidden in the back closet of a business.

You probably waited for an expensive IT specialist to show up and save the day, and he probably never came by until the next day…or maybe even the day after that.  What was your opportunity cost?  What did you lose?  Hundreds?  Thousands? Over 50% of companies who suffer from major outages never financially recover and go under years after such disasters.

This is an extreme example, but what if you had an automated disaster recovery plan in place to cover your losses?  Most instances of data loss are minor and quickly rectified in minutes, but have you really thought of what you’re losing in those few moments?  When your system is down for 3 days, do you customers know it?  Do you have a Plan B for ensuring your employees remain productive?  Do you know how to prevent customers from moving to the competition?

Imagine for a moment…

Like most days in Florida, the sun is shining, but within 10 minutes a storm rolls in, and within another 10 minutes the power goes out.  All of your network equipment and servers are in your office closet and instantly shut down.  You can’t get a dial tone to return that lost call.

Your employees and your customers are paralyzed.  The world stops turning.  New deals are lost.  Customers grow impatient.  What was business as usual is now lost time and more importantly – lost dollars.

Now imagine moving all of those things from your back closet to multiple, secure data centers in multiple remote locations, where you can shift to your mobile phone or home office phone.  You could continue accessing files – and your customers would never know the difference.

The Cloud is your disaster recovery plan – no matter what the magnitude of power and data loss – small or large, from sudden rainstorms to northern blizzards.  When your office loses power, you can reroute calls with the click of mouse – from anywhere.  Dynamically setup remote office capabilities.  Manage your phone system from any Web browser.

Make sure your employees remain productive.  Make sure they’re ready for anything.  Give them power and flexibility.  We’re ready.  Are you?


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