Now that you’re in the Cloud, what’s it like up here?

So now that you know what the Cloud is, what is it really made up of?  What’s around you?

Let’s first back up and ask something different: How does the Internet work?  How do you access things on the Internet?  What’s the Internet made of?

That answer is easy, right?  You type any Web address into the address bar of a browser, such as into IE or Firefox.  The URL corresponds to an IP address and the IP address is just like a street address – that address is a code that takes you where you want to go.

The browser points you to a server – a computer without a monitor, somewhere else – where data is stored.  The server talks to your browser a bit, exchanges some information, and you are connected to the Internet.

The cloud is the same thing, except once you access the Internet you can access all of your personal applications, files, etc.  There is also software, applications, bandwidth requirements, and security features that make up the Cloud, and everything is integrated so you don’t miss a beat.

So…now that you really know what the Cloud is, what is it made of?  In simple terms:

  1. The data center: the big server (the computer without a monitor – somewhere else) that holds the applications you run, the software you use, and files you store.
  2. The telecommunications infrastructure of the Internet itself
  3. The device you’re using to access the server via the Internet (laptop, PC, tablet, cell phone, etc.)

And we’re not the only ones using it.  If you can always access your email, documents, music – anything on Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce – any time from any device, why shouldn’t you be able to do the same with your phone calls and voicemails and text messages?


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