Who said you have to text and drive?

By Marc Tribbe

This is Part 3 of 3 in a series about What is Hosted Voice? Part I, Hosted Voice: Part II, and Who said you have to text and drive?

The Tampa Tribune just posted this article yesterday on the new bill Tallahassee is considering once again – the bill that would bar drivers from texting while they drive.  This conveniently falls inline with my post this morning, about how you don’t have to text and drive anymore – even if it becomes against the law.

The most frequent question I get is, “Do you think the phone on your desk will become irrelevant some day?”  I typically have a few different answers for this, but the short answer is: it already is.  People communicate more by actually talking less.

Think back to when you used to ‘ground’ your kids from talking on the phone…they would flip out.  Try doing that today and they’ll laugh at you.  They just walk into the other room and text via their mobile phone or IM via their computer, their laptop, their iPad, iPod, Xbox, Wii…and now even the TV.  Businesses are no different, really.

So yes, desk phones are (and have been) irrelevant for some time, because we have all been using email, instant messaging, and text messaging…but now through Hosted / Unified Communications, we can put our business presence on any device we want, even our personal devices.  You, the user, can now choose what device you want to use, what presence you want to display (personal vs. business), and take that wherever you want to go.

I don’t disagree with most technical answers I read, but if I were asked the difference between the these definitions (as stated in my previous post) and Telovations’ definition, I would explain that we take all the technical pieces in which they talk about – and simplify them for business to not only understand, but to also apply to their business needs and solutions.

Although features and services can be fun and creative, I don’t get caught up in the ‘wiz–bang’ features, but rather listen to our users and apply those features to their everyday lives.  It’s an ultimate solution for their business.  Let me give you some scenarios:

  • Can you imagine a world where you can see when people are on and off the phone…even if they’re not in the office?
  • It’s 5 o’clock, but you’re stuck on a call and late for an appointment.  Can you move the call from your desk to your mobile without disrupting the conversation?
  • How many times have you been driving and had to dial into your voicemail because your boss texted you telling you to “Check your voicemail now”?  Well now you’ve broken your own rule, the company’s rule, and even Oprah’s rule to “NOT text and drive.”  What do you do?  Can you receive an email notification that you have a new business voicemail, so you can listen to this message on your mobile phone?
  • You’re at home, your mobile phone dies, and you need to make a work call.  Can you turn your home phone into your business phone – to show your office line, your office number…your business presence?  Maybe that call is to an important client, a potential customer, or maybe it’s to your boss…who is on vacation and thinks you’re in the office?

Of course there are just examples, but the possibilities are endless….


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