What is Hosted Voice? Part I

By Marc Tribbe

If you haven’t heard it before, Telovations is a next-generation communications company innovating the way you communicate, one cloud at a time.

But what does that really mean?

Traditionally, ‘Hosted Voice’ has been considered as just a replacement to a traditional phone system in the back closet of your office.  I do not disagree with this, but I see Hosted Voice more as your business presence vs. just a business line replacement. By turning a phone line into your entire business presence, you can take advantage of other services and features that are far more than just ‘voice.’

For example, just the other day…

A call came in on my business number on my way to work, which also rang my mobile. I picked up the call on my mobile, and when I walked into my office I picked up my office desk phone.  Next, I hit a key and moved the call instantly to my office line without disrupting the conversation.  I then opened my laptop, logged into Salesforce.com (another hosted solution) and it popped up the record of the person I was speaking with because it recognized the caller. Meanwhile, the caller happened to say “I escalated a ticket last month” which then immediately sent an alert email to our call center supervisor.  This occurred because our ‘hosted’ recording platform picked up the word “escalated” during our conversation.

The story doesn’t end there, but I tell you this story because, to me, this is the power of ‘hosted voice.’ As you can see, ‘hosted voice’ all started with one phone call coming in on, yes, my business line, but triggered events on other ‘hosted’ applications that are associated with my business presence.

‘Hosted Voice’ now means making it easier for you to communicate – and even collaborate – and it’s finally bringing some meaning to true ‘Unified Communications’.  It really can make you more productive in real life scenarios.


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