It’s the Hole You Want

By Paul Levering

Like the adage of what came first, the chicken or the egg, it is all about perspective. Similarly, when deciding how to grow your business, it is also about perspective – Method versus End-Result.

It is my perspective that by moving to the cloud your business will reach the next level, the end game, because Cloud Services allow capitalization on traditional services that originally required the purchase of equipment.

In other words, now you can get the hole you want – without having to buy the drill.

The End Game

The Cloud is not an isolated trend and nor is it unique to software.

  • Sharefile – Who has a dedicated IT staff for data backups and knowledge management? Sharefile is a cloud service provider of password protected online storage space for business users.
  • – What tool can be used for real-time collaboration & management of customer information? Salesforce is a cloud service provider of password protected online CRM for business users.
  • Telovations – How can a business phone system be responsive to business growth & contraction as well as natural disasters?  Telovations is a cloud service provider of managed telecommunications and collaboration services to businesses with guaranteed quality.

However, do keep in mind the following considerations when evaluating a Cloud Services provider:


  1. Know the security features and policies of your provider.
  2. Are your transmissions encrypted?
  3. How do you connect to your provider? (public/private)


  1. How do you connect to the provider?
  2. What is their reputation for uptime?
  3. Is there equipment redundancy?
  4. Is there geographic redundancy?


  1. What is the backup policy of your provider?
  2. How long is data stored?
  3. Where is it stored?

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