Leveraging the cloud

by Mark Swanson

The real value of cloud-based offerings isn’t so much in the advanced technology or the cost savings, but in the flexibility that it offers your business. Because cloud-based technologies can be implemented and decommissioned quickly, with little or no capital outlay, managers can try new ideas and execute them without fear of failure. It essentially lowers the cost of failure, helping to change the culture of a business to one that is more willing to try new things. The flexibility of cloud-based offerings allows your business to be much more nimble and aggressive and, ultimately, develop a mindset for success.

Companies that are successful today are the ones that are able to adapt to changing markets. The beauty of using on-demand software or infrastructure in the cloud is that it gives you that flexibility to move in any direction, at any time, without any disruption.

If the cost of failure is low, you are willing to take on more risk. That means you can be more aggressive and attack new market opportunities before your competitors. If it doesn’t pan out, go back to what you were doing, and if it does, it is easy to ramp up.

We all know that in business, nothing ever goes exactly as planned. You know something is going to change, you just don’t know what. Since almost every conceivable business application is now available as-a-service, when something changes, the flexibility of those on-demand offerings makes it easy to quickly establish and implement a Plan B.